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Advanced Nutrients

About Advanced Nutrients

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Advanced Nutrients are amongst the leaders in manufacturing nutrients for hydroponics. They were the first to create a multi-component nutrient system. Their innovative approach to growing brought success and propelled the hydroponics industry in an entirely new direction.

Instead of one-bottle-fits-all type nutrients, Advanced Nutrients create fertilisers to be used at a specific point of the plant’s development. With this approach, the additives and boosters are better distributed to the plant right when and where it needs them. Not only does this decrease the risk of nutrient burn, but it also leads to bigger, better, more potent crops.

The “pH Perfect technology is an innovation by Advanced Nutrients introduced not only in the UK but also internationally. This proprietary formula eliminates the need for hydroponic growers to measure pH levels constantly. Instead, the pH Perfect Technology utilizes special “magic” to maintain the pH balance of the nutrient solution right into the sweet spot for optimal growth and flowering. The pH will remain in the same range for a week if used according to the recommended Advanced Nutrients feeding schedule. Sounds great, right?