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Biobizz – Nutrients & Boosters
BioBizz HydroStork Products

From planting seeds to harvesting, buying Biobizz products online guarantees better results. Biobizz is one of the best liquid nutrient producers out there and is a leader in the field of organic crop cultivation and hydroponic growing.

🍃 Biobizz gives us an extensive range of all-organic nutrients and soil for all kinds of plants – including potting soil, liquid fertilisers, and substrate enhancers

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BioBizz fertilisers work best when used with soil or coco growing mediums. They are not recommended as suitable for most hydroponic systems as they might clog up the feed and drain pipes. Nevertheless, if you wish to buy Biobizz hydroponics nutrients for your grow, you can start with the Biobizz Try-Pack Hydro. Our trusted UK online shop guarantees competitive prices for all Biobizz nutes.

🇳🇱 BioBizz is an ecologically aware and socially responsible Dutch nutrient company. All their products have been certified fully organic and approved for organic crop production. 

Their product range consists of organic substrates and enhancers, dry and liquid organic fertilisers, organic stimulants, strengtheners, plant energy boosters and activators—basically, everything you need for a beautiful organic garden. 

One of the greatest things about Biobizz is that when using Biobizz soils, you will not need to measure the pH and EC value. Since their products contain only natural organic elements, they have a very low Electrical Conductivity (EC) value. And although the organic elements cannot be measured, they have a self-regulating system. This automated system helps maintain the pH at the right spot.

Biobizz nutrients are all-natural, which means that once you have opened them, it is recommended that you use them quickly to ensure they are as effective as possible. You can find out more about Biobizz products expiration date in our InfoNEST knowledge centre.