Terra Aquatica TriPart Starter Kit – Grow, Micro HW and Bloom – 1 L


Terra Aquatica TriPart is formerly known as the General Hydroponics product line – Flora Series. This bundle is specially created for growing enthusiasts with hard water issues.

Buy your Terra Aquatica TriPart Pack for Hard Water in 1 L today! 

The three products included in the bundle are – Terra Aquatica TriPart Grow 1 L, Micro (Hard Water) 1 L and Bloom 1 L.

Size: 3 x 1 L

Terra Aquatica TriPart® Grow 1 L by General Hydroponics Europe

  • Terra Aquatica TriPart Grow (formerly FloraGro by General Hydroponics Europe) helps plants building strong roots.
  • The fertiliser contains silicic acids, which protect against fungal infestation and work preventatively against root rot.
  • Terra Aquatica TriPart Grow provides the plants with nitrogen (N), potassium (P), and other secondary minerals.
  • For best results, use the other two base fertilisers from the series - T.A. TriPart Micro and T.A. TriPart Bloom.
  • Size: 1 Litre

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Terra Aquatica TriPart® Micro 1L for Hard Water by General Hydroponics Europe

Terra Aquatica TriPart Micro HW by General Hydroponics Europe is the new name of the popular GHE FloraMicro HW.

This EC fertiliser is needed throughout the plants’ entire life cycle to keep the pH level stable. It is a base nutrient giving all the necessary microelements and essential oligo-elements, and pH adjusters.

T.A. TriPart Micro for Hard Water (HW) supports the effectiveness of T.A TriPart Grow (formerly GHE FloraGro) and T.A. TriPart Bloom (formerly GHE FloraBloom).

Size: 1 Litre

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Terra Aquatica TriPart® Bloom 1L by General Hydroponics Europe

  • Terra Aquatica TriPart Bloom by General Hydroponics Europe is designed for the plants’ flowering period.
  • For better results, it should be applied from the very beginning of the plant's roots development, during the flower and fruit formation stages.
  • TriPart Bloom contains silicic acid. The product has a protective effect against fungal diseases and root rot and permanently strengthens the plant’s structure.
  • TriPart Bloom is an excellent fertiliser perfect for plants that need a bit more phosphorus, potassium, and less nitrogen. This type of nutrition can be necessary for indoor grows when you flip the lights or the plants begin to start flowering outdoors.
  • NPK ratio: 0-5-4
  • Size: 1 Litre

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