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Nutrients and Fertilizers

There are two major base nutrient categories – mineral and organic. The components of the mineral nutrients are potassium, nitrogen, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, manganese, zinc, and sulfur (depending on the manufacturer, there may be additional ones). Whereas, organic bases provide the essential nutrients for plant growth in the form of complex organic molecules (e.g. molasses or beet sugar). Organic bases are best used in soil, while mineral base nutrients are normally used in hydroponic systems.

Base nutrients can be one, two or three-part. One-part base nutrients are great for growers with less experience. They contain everything a plant needs to grow in one single bottle, which makes them easy to use and maintain. Two-part nutrients are preferred by growers with more experience, who have a better understanding of how liquid nutrients work. Their formulas are richer in micronutrients and therefore you get faster plant growth and improved overall health. Lastly, three-part nutrients allow you to have better control over the plants’ fluctuating requirements. Since the Grow, Bloom and Micronutrients come in separate bottles, you can feed your plants according to their specific needs at any moment of their growth. If you are using two or three-part nutrients, keep in mind that you should add the different parts separately in your mixture (first the A component, then the B component) to avoid clogging.

Besides bases, we stock a wide variety of supplements that enhance your plants so they can reach their maximum genetic potential. Usually growers invest more in supplements like PKs, boosters, and other specific additives and stimulants. However, whether you are a soil, coco or hydroponics grower, base nutrients have the key elements your plants need and require in the early stages of their life.